오 마이 비너스 / Oh My Venus Episode 2 ~ Spoilers


I started today to watch episode 2, Kang Joo Eun is a mess… seeing your boyfriend with another girl plus being in your hospital gown and raining falling is just bad luck. Kim Young Ho after he pick her up after seeing her getting wet he decide to give her ride to her home, but where he left her was in her boyfriend apartment. He didn’t know but somehow he manage to stay around just to see if she was safe. He get’s to see when Kang Joo Eun sees her boyfriend cheating on her and her sadness in her face. Kang Joon Eun start walking to her home all sad and getting all wet. When a strange man appears out of the shadows and call her. She get’s so surprised and scared not knowing was Kim Young Ho. When she finally notice him her face was of annoyed with relief lol.



Oh is you?!


*Sound of relief and shame* lol

This two are getting me to love them!!
Then he said if she want him to pull their hair… meaning him heating her ex boyfriend for what he did. Because he saw it all from the car. Other thing! is amazing how this kdramas can see stuff from far away and they manage to understand everything LOL but we are not going to discuss that now. Let’s focus in the issue that he saw everything and he stick around to “save” her life from life. He is too damn adorable!

Now let’s talk about this new little character in the kdrama, that CLEARLY can’t stand! her name? her name is “Soo Jin” this girl came to fuck things up! Now that she is skinny and “looking pretty” she is coming for “Kang Joo Eun”? stealing her boyfriend and making her life hell? when Kang Joo Eun stick for her when she was fat and a mess when she was in the university? Just because she saw her crush giving Kang Joo Eun her number? Did she even asked to Kang Joo Eun what happen between them? because I doubt that Joo Eun knowing was her crush she would do something that low to her. But I guess she assumed and she is coming fro Joo Eun.

But staying away from that topic, Kong Joo Eun made like an appointment to see Kim Young Ho at the hotel so she can grab her stuff from the airplane incident. She was there in the lobby waiting for him when she saw the little brat! yeah!! Soo Jin and she got surprised when suddenly a wild Woo Sik ( Kang Joo Eun ex-boyfriend) appeared. They all stayed in show and surprise. When Woo Sik decide to go to Joo Eun but she tell him to stay away and when she was about to run away she bumb herself with the automatics door and fell in the floor. All I did in that scene was DIE!! i don’t know what I would have done in her place. I guess same as her.. play dead in the floor LOLOLOL.

But who came to the rescue you ask? Kim Young Ho!
He pick her shoes and put her the shoe like Cinderella and again asking him to help her. That part makes me skip a beat when he ask her to where? she said FAR AWAY! he grab her help her stand up grab her chubby waist and put her closer to him. In that moment I die and scream and clap in my leaving room. YES!! OPPA!! show them you is her daddy! hahahah. Woo Sik and Soo Jin where like in shock with what they were seeing like: Is this fatty with that handsome man? are we seeing this clearly?
BITCH YES!!! you are seeing correct!

While Kim Young Ho and Joo Eun kept walking the other kept looking at them like they were some strange things out of this world.

He end up salty af looking how that man grab her ex girlfriend hahaha. I just laugh and said: IN YOUR DAMN FACE Woo Sik!

Can the week can be more quick so I can see episode 3!?


오 마이 비너스 / Oh My Venus Episode 1 Spoiler!


Yesterday I saw the first episode and let’s talk about something REAL REAL QUICK!!

Why on earth they needed to use Shin Min A a.k.a Kang Joo Eun as a “teenager”? I’m sooooo sawrry but! she didn’t that young playing as a teenager. Like… how old is she with that uniform? 18? She didn’t look 18! I know she is young but she is NOT that young. She looked like a 28 years old playing a 18 years old teenager and she is 31. That was unrealistic, they should have used a teenager for that roll and continue with her as the 33 years old lawyer.

I mean she looked pretty, adorable like always just not as a teenager. Let’s get real SKorea! lol. I’m hating just being realistic. The first episode looked real nice kept you on your sit interested to see what will happen next. When 2014 came and showed Kang Joo Eun in the present and I just laugh! she looked fat with a realistic double chin and horrible hips and belly. Like … I don’t know what to say about since I am a big girl myself. It was just funny looking at her with all that on.

Then came So Ji Sub a.k.a Kim Young Ho doing his exercise and all those muscles and six pack and that didn’t hurt my eyes to be honest lol. He portray a personal trainer and you can see that in the first episode. In this episode you can’t see his back story yet. Just him in the USA.

Overall this episode kept me wishing for more episodes to watch. Very interesting. I mean the fat girl looking to do better in life and take care of herself after a break up~

Looking forward for more!

오 마이 비너스 / Oh My Venus~


Hi everyone!! long time without writing in here but I can’t deny I have been lazy and I appologize for that. Yesterday I was texting with my friend and she told me about this new kdrama. So obviously I needed to check because of Shin Min A and So Ji Sub. I remember seeing Shin Min A on the kdrama “My Girlfriend is a Nine Tail Fox” and I liked her so much. She looked so sweet and her innocent smile. I really like her a lot! also I saw that So Ji Sub was in it and seen’s I saw him at the kdrama “Master’s Sun” I just fell i love with his character on that kdrama. This arrogant man that he thinks he deserve it all LOL.


Oh My Venus started in South Korea in November 16, 2005 and will be transmitted on by the network KBS2 on Monday and Tuesday. You will feel like this duo doesn’t go together but we have the sweet girl with this tough guy.

The Kdrama is about this woman as her 33 years old a lawyer struggling to support her family and now as a adult she have to deal with her being overweight and things not going as she planned. In the kdrama Shin Min A  will be Kang Joo Eun.  So Ji Sub is Kim Young Ho and he is a personal trainer in Hollywood. Even though he comes from a wealthy family he suffered a injury when he was really young. Now he overcomes his problems with patience and stubbornness.



황제를 위하여 / For The Emperor


Starting with the handsome Lee Min Ki as Lee Hwan and Park Sung Woong as Jung Sang Ha.
Lee Min Ki was freaking awesome in this movie, cold, calculative and ambitious, looking for revenge. If you are in to blood, murder and action this will be the movie for you.

Saw it and my jaw drop on how much blood and murder lol  I don’t like movies like that but come on Lee Min Ki was pretty awesome. Plus they give you like two scenes of sex and is very Caliente ( Hot ). I think this movie you can’t miss it! you can watch it in Netflix. They have it available there.

About the movie… Lee Hwan was a professional baseball player that  use to gamble more than it suppose too. In one of those games he lost everything so looking to start again in the game Sang Ha call him to work for him after he do something that surprise his skills.  Everything goes wrong in the way… but for you to know you should watch the movie for yourself

Here the movie trailer:


그녀는 예뻤다 / She Was Pretty


Long time no see! how are y’all doing? hopefully good.
The other day I was browsing my Facebook when one of my friend share a trailer of this new Kdrama that MBC is bringing.  I saw the trailer ( If you want to watch it will be at the bottom )

Sorry for not subtitle but you can clearly see what will happen in this interesting drama.
I was like “I NEED TO SEE IT” even tho is that typical story about that ugly girl and she falls in love with the handsome guy that at first don’t like her but at the end they get married. I wanted to see the story involved.

Here are some of the character:


We got the main character that is Kim Hye-Jin the girl that was pretty and popular at the begging but something change in between when she grew up.


Then we have Ji Sung-Joon the guy who struggle with bulling when he was younger. I wonder if he comes with revenge? haha


Then we have Kim Hye Jin best friend, her name is Min Ha Ri the girl that comes with everything easily to her hands. With perfect face and body and amazing skills there’s nothing bad that could happen, right?


Then we have this easy going guy ( with very cute face and handsome if you ask me ) his name is Kim Shin-Hyuk. I still not know what he could offer in the story but I am looking forward to see more of him.

Looking forward to see this drama, this drama came out in Korea in September 16, 2015 and still on air.  Is transmitted by MBC on Wednesday and Thursdays, and have 16 episode that from those 16 they have out 4 Episodes. So if you want to check it out now is your time to catch the hype and see it!!

Dance Music / 댄스 뮤직

Kim So Jung

Picture from edailykr.com

Who is coming with a new single this summer that will make your body dance?
Kim So Jung is coming with her new single “Dance Music” this summer. I listen to it yesterday and have that vibe of the 90’s?. I for sure I am a fan of it!

Love the her makeup and fashion in the video, have some easy choreography if you are one of those that love to choreography from Kpop stars. Her makeup and hairstyle is like pinup like… IN LOVE with it.

Here is the MV:

Screenshot from the video:
KSJ 1 KSJ 2 KSJ 3 KSJ 4 KSJ 5 KSJ 6 KSJ 7 KSJ 8 KSJ 9 KSJ 10

Kim So Jung was in the OST from my favorite drama “Queen In Hyun’s Man”  and here is the song “You Have Come”  and the ” Even A Little Short in Shinning Romance” and “Palpitation in Playful Kiss”

Also she have been in many Tv presentations as “Idol Dance Battle D-Style” , “Dream Team” , “Music Shot” , ” Hot Shot” and many more.

If you haven’t followed her step I think you should, she sings so nice and have a lovely voice.
Looking forward to more of her!

If you want to follow her on Instagram click this link:
Kim So Jung

O M G! Episode 8 from Oh My Ghost / 오 나의 귀신님 SPOILERS!

Oh_My_Ghost-p1Oh my GOD! **It may have spoilers**
I’m so addicted to this drama, love, LOVE the main actor and the main actress
they go so well together. But I have to say the girl Bong Sun annoy the hell out of me, like she needs to wake up the hell up and be more like … not shy? hahaha

Bong Sun is sooo shy, always over apologizing for things. Like take Sun Woo and kiss him already!
Soon Ae my heartache for her, I feel like she needs to know what happen to her when she died. I have a feeling that some one kill her and I don’t know why.

This whole episode is intense for me hahaha, have so many good parts. But the one that make me scream at my desktop was at the very end of this episode when Sun Woo AND Soon Ae was possessing Bong Sun. All started when Soon Ae (possessing Bong Sun body) was practicing some skillet skill, because with what she was practicing was like rice or bean I didn’t notice well, well all that got everywhere so she bring the hose to spray some water and make the cleaning more easier I think. The water was cold and went shooting out really fast making her and Sun Woo wet. He goes close the water and she start to dry herself and so he does. He calls her to help her with it. But he start looking at her in some amorous way and she notice and get nervous. Is so funny because Soon Ae is sooo aggressive with him and looking to kiss him in any moment. But in that moment she knew that he was looking at her in that unique way, that made her so nervous. That part where both are staring at their eyes and she gets all nervous. YOU and I know what was about to happen but you keep wishing it will happen lol.
So you found yourself really close to your desktop if you are watching on your computer or if you are in your phone you are so close you can almost touch your screen with your nose hahaha.
Really… i was so close to my desktop and with my hands together and screaming KISS KISS KIIIIISSS NOOOWWWW hahahaha.  The thing is THEY FREAKING KISS!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! but something interesting happen when they still were kissing Bung Sun body reject Soon Ae making her detach of her body. So what is left is Bung Sun kissing Sun Woo and Soon Ae looking at her and her body all confuse asking herself what did just happen.

Some screenshots from that scene:
Oh  My Ghost 0Oh  My Ghost 1Oh  My Ghost 2Oh  My Ghost 3Oh  My Ghost 4Oh  My Ghost 5Oh  My Ghost 6Oh  My Ghost 7Oh  My Ghost 8Oh  My Ghost 9Oh  My Ghost 9Oh  My Ghost 10Oh  My Ghost 11Oh  My Ghost 12Oh  My Ghost 13Oh  My Ghost 14Oh  My Ghost 14Oh  My Ghost 15Oh  My Ghost 16Oh  My Ghost 17Oh  My Ghost 18Oh  My Ghost 19Oh  My Ghost 20

Going for Episode 9! and looking forward to what is about happen!